Is your home feeling cluttered, messy and disorganised? Fed up with having nothing to wear when you definitely have too much to wear? 

After 15 years in the fashion industry and with an absolute passion for organising, merchandising and styling STYLE SISTERS is a service that can help you love your wardrobe and home again!

STYLE SISTERS will come and completely organise your home in the best possible way that works for you, allowing you to see and enjoy what you already have.
We will help you detox what is no longer serving you, helping you through the process. When organising your wardrobe we will help give outfit ideas and style advice along the way!

STYLE SISTERS can also give you ideas on key pieces to buy that will update and co-ordinate
with what you already have in the wardrobe and home.

We pride ourselves on our confidentiality and are extremely professional in our approach.


Prices can vary depending on what is required. When booking you in for our detox and organise we require photos so that we can identify how many days are needed. 

Our prices start from £995 per day. This fee includes some storage options and our travel fee.